Boost Mobile offering CDMA Sanyo Incognito phone

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Over the past year, Boost Mobile had a hugely successful ad campaign with their $50 monthly unlimited plan. Millions of savvy cell users flocked over to Boost where there are no long-term contracts and no hidden fees. It’s simply $50 bucks for unlimited calling, texting and web access with no additional fees and even tax is included. The hurdle that Boost was facing with all these additional customers was the strain put on the old Nextel iDEN network. The iDEN technology was never designed for multimedia and high speed internet access let alone the incredible demand from all the new customers wanting unlimited access. Well this month Boost unveiled a new line of phones utilizing Sprint’s CDMA network. Boost seems to realize the limitations of the iDEN network and is now offering an option for those users that want Boost’s unlimited plan WITH the power of Sprint’s 3G web access.

SANYO Incognito is one of the new phones available now through Boost. The Incognito™ SCP6760 features a full QWERTY keyboard, a 2MP camera, video/music capabilities, bluetooth and GPS. The phone is the perfect choice for those wanting to take advantage of the speed of the Jasmin live 3G network but not wanting to pay a premium for it. I’m glad to see Boost expanding their line of phones beyond those iDEN based Motorolas. I like the iDEN band for their ability to get their signal through thick office building walls better than other networks but I was never impressed by those cumbersome Motorola phones. With the new Sanyo Incognito™, you lose the iDEN signal advantage but you end up gaining a whole lot more with access to the 3G network.

The Boost version of the Incognito™ is priced at $129.99 which may seem more expensive than what it’s priced for with other providers but you have to remember that Boost doesn’t lock you into a two-year contract. And because there isn’t a contract, there isn’t much of a discount on the phones. But in my opinion, I’d rather pay for the phone upfront than get chained to a wireless phone company for two LONG years. Get smart and say so long to contract-based phone companies. Get Boost Unlimited today!

Motorola i1 iDEN Android phone coming to Sprint/Nextel

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iDEN cell phone users rejoice! The first Android smartphone on the iDEN network will be out sometime this summer. Motorola recently announced that the i1 will released through Sprint/Nextel and that Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” host, Mike Rowe will be the spokesperson for the new phone. Besides the sleek touchscreen design and the Android powered apps, the phone meets 810F military specifications for ruggedness, hence the choice of Mr. Dirty Jobs Rowe. So, apparently, the marketing campaign will be geared toward construction workers, builders, and such. And I guess that makes sense since the push-to-talk feature is a favorite among that particular demographic. Other livejasmin phone features include: 5-megapixel camera, Opera mini 5 browser, WIFI, microSD and a 3.1 inch touchscreen.

So essentially, the i1 is a super tough phone that runs on Android OS 1.5. I’m not sure why Motorola chose the older version of the OS but hopefully users will have the capability to upgrade to 2.1. The big limitation for iDEN users is that the network was never designed for high speed data. So, mobile web connections will be very slow on the iDEN i1. But still, I’m glad to see a sleek smartphone available for the aging network. No longer will iDEN subscribers have to be embarrassed by their old-school Motorola clamshells, heh. (yes, I still use an old Motorola i880 on my Boost mobile account). Now, if only Boost Mobile members can have their own version of the i1. Either that or simply be able to purchase the Nextel phone outright and use it on Boost (..but I can’t imagine the cost of the new phone WITHOUT a contract. OUCH!).

Never miss your favorites again with Charter on Demand

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It’s interesting to note how the tables have turned in terms of the way we view television. Back in the day, viewers had to schedule their evening plans around their favorite television shows. Programs like The Ed Sullivan show and Texaco Star Theater featuring Milton Berle used to hold people hostage over their TV screens. Thankfully we’re no longer chained to the whims of network executives and their strategic programming schedules. We all have busy lives especially those of us having to chauffeur our kids to their many Jasminlive activities day in and day out. So, the technological breakthrough of On-Demand TV is truly a godsend. No longer do we have to worry about missing a sporting event or fuss over a VCR. Digital cable providers like Charter make it simple and easy to access over thousands of movies and TV shows at any time. Charter On Demand has something for everyone in the family. I won’t have to worry about staying up past 11pm to watch FX’s latest comedy hit series, Louie.

The Louie C.K. show is available whenever I want to watch it. The on demand feature is also great for kids. We no longer have to endure the kids’ whining about not having anything to watch on TV. SpongeBob, iCarly and Dora the Explorer are now just a click away. And I love the easy to browse through menu. Just sort by category and you’re bound to encounter something interesting. To learn more about Charter On Demand as well as what shows are available, be sure to check out their On Demand home page. And if you’re on Facebook, I’m pretty sure You will ‘Like’ their Facebook page as well. Oh, and if you’re worried about extra fees, Charter On Demand features a huge library of free programming available. It’s definitely worth a try and I’m pretty certain you’ll be hooked in no time. heh.

FV TouchCam N1 – the skype-certified HD webcam

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I remember the primitive days of streaming webcams where the jerky video images were thumbnail-sized and in black & white. Back in the day, a lot of time was spent being frustrated with buggy software as well as having to deal with the oh-so-dreaded blue screen of death. Boy, we’ve come a long way since those days. Webcams can now be found on most laptops and most folks are pretty familiar with the video conferencing feature on Skype. With the combination of faster computers and broadband connections, video calling is pretty much a no-brainer nowadays.

And now the hard working team over at faceVsion are introducing the next step in webcam technology – Hi-Definition video webcams. Why settle for fuzzy video images when you can achieve crystal clear 720p resolution video with the new FV touchcam N1. The TouchCam N1 is the world’s first Skype-certified webcam that can deliver full screen HD video over the web. The key to the hi-def video is the embedded H.264 encoder which converts the HD images into substantially lower bitrates. The touchcam also features a high quality wide angle lens which helps keep the images sharp, in-focus and with truly realistic color depths. The super clear video images will make a huge impact on your next family video skype call. The professional quality video is also ideal for business video conferences. When you need to make a good impression with a client and you can’t be there in person, having a HD quality conference call is the next best thing. It’s definitely worth the upgrade.

You can find out more about the new FV touchcam N1 at the faceVision on line store. The site also features the FV ExpressCombo that includes an express card that provides 720p 30fps video images regardless of CPU power. If you’re ready to step up to HD video calls, the new FV touchcam may be right up your alley. FV touchcam is now available through and other value added partners.

WeReward: a new iPhone app that can earn you money

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With millions of iphone users here in the U.S., developers are working overtime to get that “next big app” out into the marketplace. We’ve all heard the ubiquitous ad slogan – “there’s an app for that”. And it’s so true, there are vast numbers of apps in all kinds of categories. Even the good folks at IZEA have come up with their own iphone app which is calledWeReward. It’s actually a pretty neat concept. Essentially WeReward harnesses the power of the mobile network to help bring attention to local businesses. Users can earn points by taking assignments through the WeRewards app. Assignments can be something like checking-in at a local coffee shop or purchasing a meal at a restaurant. The neat thing is that through geo-tagging and cameraphones, businesses as well as IZEA can verify that you were actually there.

Besides “check-ins”, they also offer “tasks” which doesn’t require you to be at a specific location but may involve you trying out a new product in the comfort of your own home. All the activities will be tied into one of the major social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter or FourSquare. So be aware that all your friends will end up knowing all about you and these WeReward “scavenger hunts”.

I think this can be a game-changer of sorts. It’s pretty radical in my opinion. Ted Murphy and the rest of the gang over at IZEA are taking a big leap of faith with this new concept. Hopefully it’ll pay off for them. If you’re an iphone user and want to join in on the fun, Download the App for free and check it out for yourself.

Ampm’s new secret menu app on facebook

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It’s always interesting to see the new and different ways businesses try to grab the attention of the modern day, tech-savvy consumer. It’s a monumental task to say the least since we’re all inundated with ads on a daily basis and have become a bit jaded toward these types of attention grabbing campaigns. Take for example the secret menu feature on ampm‘s facebook page. For those that don’t have a local ampm, they’re a convenience store that offer late night dining for those that get the munchies at 2 in the morning. Their sandwich offerings are basically self-serve so you’re free to be creative with your creations. Now back to the facebook page – I’m all for “Liking” your favorites places and such but I hate those extra applications that ask for authorization to access your personal info. And unfortunately, ampm‘s secret menu tab is one of those privacy invading applications.

Not a smart way to build trust among your fanbase. It’s a big “fail” in my book. Plus the secret menu app is just a fancy recipe book that simply lists some tasty sandwich creations. Take the Chili Conquistador for instance, which I do admit, looks pretty good. The Chili Conquistador includes a burger, chili and Spicy Funyuns. I think the Spicy Funyuns would actually go great with a burger. I would love to try it the next time I’m at ampm. But as for the secret menu app on facebook? I like the whole concept of a secret menu butampm needs to rethink the way the want to collect info on their customers.

For those that are curious about the secret menu, just head on over to their facebook fan page to check it out. Also, they’re unveiling five more secret menu items on the following dates: 7/26, 8/2, 8/9, 8/16, 8/30. And then on August 2nd, fans of ampm will be able to create their own versions of their favorites right on their facebook page. Anyway, let me know what you think of the new secret menu app. got a favorite menu item? post ‘em in the comment section of this blog post!

Thanks for the wild goose chase, Walmart

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So, it seems that I wasted the whole evening last night thanks to Walmart. yup, good ol’ wally world. Apparently you can’t trust their “in-store availability” info on their website. I know, I know, what do I expect from a place like walmart where customer service is virtually nil. But against my better judgement I believed what the site was telling me. And it was telling me that a store way out in the boonies (approximately 40 minutes away from my house) had an item that I’ve been searching for the last couple days. yeah, I know, why am I even purchasing anything of value at wally world anyway. groceries and mundane stuff, yes. more expensive stuff, no. anyway, the website indicated that one store out of a dozen in my area had this one item in stock and it was in a place I’ve never driven to before.

So, after dinner I dragged my wife and kids in the van and searched for the holy grail, somewhere out in the great beyond. first problem was google maps. OK, scratch that. the first problem was of course trusting walmart. enough said. second problem was google maps. it gave me misleading directions to this place. apparently google isn’t that familiar with the boonies either. So, I overshot my destination by ten miles or so and by that time, I was extremely low on gas. so there we were in the middle of nowhere at night searching for a gas station. I was literally riding on fumes by the time I found a station in a small no-name town. I swear I heard dueling banjos ala “Deliverance” playing in the background as I tried to fill up the tank as quickly and as unobtrusively as possible so that I wouldn’t disturb the natives. and just my luck the automatic trigger to stop the pump when full was busted so I spewed gas over the van and my shoes. great!!

Anyway, after cussing at myself for getting all of us into this mess, I got back on the road and restarted the search for this godforsaken walmart. after a few turns here and there on dark, lonely roads and with a little help from “The Force”, we eventually stumbled onto the damn place. It was getting pretty late in the evening at this point and I just wanted to grab what I was there for and get the hell home.

And you guessed it!! after all that driving and me smelling of gas, Walmart did not even have the damn thing even though the website says it does. nice! Thank you for a lovely evening Walmart. never again, my friend. never again.

Charter to giveaway 50 laptops to two deserving schools

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With the economy still struggling to recover, no one is spared from the effects of those ubiquitous budget cuts. Even our kids’ schools are having to let a portion of their staff go while class sizes continue to increase. It never ceases to amaze me how many students they can manage to fit in those small classrooms. yikes!

So it’s nice to see a company like Charter give back to the community. With their current laptop-a-day giveaway, Charter plans to provide 50 laptops to 2 schools. All you have to do is register online and nominate your favorite school by August 12. Be sure to proofread your entries because Charter will then choose 50 of the best nominations and open them up to a vote. The two schools with the most votes by September 20th will win 50 laptops each. Now, these aren’t just old hand-me-down laptops. Charter will be giving away Lenovo G555 brand laptops featuring 15.6″ screens, 160GB hard drives and 3GB of RAM. So it’s safe to say that these computers will be able to handle the demands of multimedia projects with ease. And besides winning these laptops for your favorite school, you can even win one for yourself.

As you may know, Charter Communications is the 4th largest cable operator in the U.S. and a leader in ultra high speed internet service. In select markets, they are currently offering internet speeds up to 60 Mbps. Now that’s what I’d call FAST. If you’re in need of cable TV, digital phone or internet service, Charter is offering some great online deals. As a matter of fact, if you order any of their services from Charter at this time, you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win a laptop plus get $300 cash back. And as I mentioned earlier, you can also register to win on their website with no purchase necessary. So there’s no reason for you NOT to go over to their site to nominate your school in need.

Samsung Seek available on Boost Mobile

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Boost Mobile recently announced that they’ll be releasing their very first touch-screen phone that also features a slide-out QWERTY keypad. Yeah, I know it’s a bit late in the game in comparison to what’s been available in the U.S. market but for Boost Mobile users like myself, it’s time for a little rejoicing.

The new Samsung Seek, which will be out in stores this month, is geared toward social networking and multimedia apps. The phone will feature a 2.6 inch QVGA touch screen, stereo bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera, music player and a microSD memory slot.

There was a time when prepaid/no-contract cell phone customers felt like second-class citizens being forced to use stripped down, bare-boned, feature-less phones. But in the last few years, with the millions of people opting for the less-restrictive, no-contract plans offered by Boost Mobile, the company has obviously heard the cries of those wanting better and more feature-packed phones. And now as you can see on their website, Boost has a great variety of phones available including touchscreens, sliders, the very popular Sanyo Incognito and yes, they even offer a Boost version of the Blackberry.

Besides the variety of phones being offered, I like the flexibility in which you can pay for the service. You can pay by debit or credit card via their website but you can also Re-Boost in-person at a nearby authorized store such as a Sprint/Nextel retailer or the local Radio Shack. They even offer a way to add funds to your account right from your phone. Talk about convenience!

Boost Mobile definitely has a lot going on. I’m especially impressed that they’re constantly working to improve their service and never resting on their laurels. If you’re still with a contract-based service, it just might be time for you to consider breaking free of those chains and switch over to Boost. Yup, pre-paid cell service has come a long way.