Backup your files with Carbonite

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Hard drives can crash at any time. Believe me, I know. A couple years ago, I lost a good chunk of my extensive music library when one of the drives in my desktop bit the dust. So, obviously the words computer backup have been burned in my brain ever since. And there are a variety of options to go about doing that but online backup services like Carbonite seems to be the best way to go. When you've got your own external drives to backup your important files, you have to constantly monitor for any hardware issues, PLUS, you have no protection from fire damage or theft. When you utilize an online backup service, your files, photos, music and emails are stored on remote servers at the company's data center. The storage drives are maintained for you so no worries about hardware failures. And your files are encrypted which helps provide peace of mind about your sensitive documents.

I think the best thing about carbonite's software is that you just "set it and forget it". Your data is automatically backed up in the background. Oh, and in addition to your files being encrypted, they are sent to the servers securely via an SSL link. Carbonite offers unlimited space on their servers and you have complete access to your files from anywhere and at anytime. They even have mobile apps available so that you can access your documents, photos and music on your iPad or smartphone. nice.

The cost to use Carbonite's backup service is pretty reasonable too. Unlimited backup for your PC or mac is only $59 a year. You can try it for free for 15 days with no credit card required. And if you decide to purchase the service, be sure to use the coupon code BLOGAD to get an extra two months added to your service.

DVD review – Classic Albums – Rush

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Talk about great timing! On the heels of Rush’s career spanning documentary “Beyond the Lighted Stage”, Eagle Rock Entertainment just released the latest installment of their Classic Albums DVD series, Rush: 2112 & Moving Pictures. I’m a huge fan of the Classic Albums documentaries so it’s great to finally get an in-depth look at these two albums by Rush. 2112was a significant release for the band since it came at a time when their record label was considering dropping the band. Thankfully Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson created a fantastic prog-rock album that grabbed the attention of music fans the world over. By the time they made Moving Pictures, Rush was a well oiled machine and that particular album is probably one of their strongest efforts to date.

While watching the DVD, one of the things that come to my mind is the fact that all three members of Rush are great storytellers, especially Peart. They’re very articulate which helps in a medium such as this since the bulk of the format are typically “talking head” shots. I was a bit dissappointed that they didn’t expand the length of the show to accomodate two albums. Instead, the producers of the show condensed a lot of the details to fit the hour long format. Thankfully the DVD contains 54 minutes of extra footage for fans to enjoy. But even with the extra hour, they sadly weren’t able to cover every single track off of each album so songs like “The Camera Eye”, “Vital Signs” and “Tears” aren’t even mentioned at all.

The highlight (which is the case for every Classic Albums show) for me is the segment in the recording studio. For this installment, producer Terry Brown along with Alex and Geddy are on hand to go through some of the multi-tracks. “2112/Overture”, “Tom Sawyer” and “YYZ” are some of the songs that are featured at length. Again, I wish there was more time for these guys to go through the songs in more detail because there are a ton of intricate layers to these complex songs. Peart, Lee and Lifeson are phenomenal players so it’s always a treat to watch these guys play their instruments close-up. As a matter of fact, another favorite moment on the DVD is the footage of Peart warming up on the drum kit. I could just watch the man play all day. He’s awe inspiring on the drums. The segment is a must see for any drummer out there. You can find it in the bonus section of the DVD.

The Classic Albums DVD is definitely a must-buy for the Rush fans out there. As a fan, I would have liked a bit more detail and more footage especially since two albums were covered instead of the usual one album format. But for a studio engineer/musician-wannabe such as myself, I guess it’d take a three disc set for the level of detail I’d want.