It's a no-brainer – save with Straight Talk wireless

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After speaking with various colleagues of mine, I've realized that a lot of folks simply assume prepaid wireless providers are limited to the Sprint Network. And it's true the two major providers Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile both utilize the Sprint CDMA Network but going prepaid doesn't necessarily limit you to that one network. For those that have a distaste for all things Sprint, take heart because you can "go prepaid" and enjoy all the perks of being on the reliable Verizon Network. Straight Talk has everything you need from a traditional contract based wireless provider without the premium price.

Their most economical deal is the $30 a month plan which gives you 1000 voice minutes, 1000 texts and 30MB of data. And don't forget, there's no long term commitment plus you get the same quality of calls as you would as a traditional Verizon customer. If that's not enough for you, you can go all the way, hook, line and sinker with the Unlimited plan. For $45 a month, you get unlimited calling, unlimited text, unlimited picture messaging and web!! As far as unlimited plans go, that's the best deal I've seen at least in terms of something on the Verizon Network.

This is perfect for your high school/college back-to-schooler. Not only do you not have to worry about a long term contract but with the unlimited plan there won't be any of those dreaded "overage" charges whenever your teen and his/her friends go on a text binge. So, call a friend, tell your neighbors and inform the colleagues. We need to do our part to let everyone know that they no longer need to pay a premium for wireless service. Cut your monthly cell bill in half by going with Straight Talk.

It's about time to pimp my cube

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Ahh, the ubiquitous office cubicle. it's the most typical office environment nowadays and most of us have all worked in a cube at one point or another. shoot, most of us are probably STILL working in one at this very moment. yes, even yours truly is currently working out of a cube. we all try to personalize our workspace but there's only so much you can do to your space when they're designed to be so "impersonal" and uniform among the rest in a cube farm. Wouldn't it be great if you could redo your drab, mundane office cubicle and take it up a couple notches? Well, check out the new Pimp My Cube Contest. The grand prize includes a brand new high end computer system, chair, desk, cool decorations, plus a stereo and even an espresso machine! All you have to do to enter the contest is to submit a video of your pathetic workspace and share a couple of witty tidbits about yourself. the funnier, the better. The video with the most votes will win the whole enchilada so be sure to get all your office mates and friends to vote for your video. The contest runs from December 5th to January 31st so you still have time to get your video footage together.

Reduce travel costs by relying more on conference calls

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In the last few years, I've noticed our workgroup's travel budget getting smaller and smaller. The days of jetting off to exotic places for conferences are pretty much long gone. It's all about doing more, with less. So instead of meeting with colleagues from other sites in person, we have to resort to conference calling. And like everything else in business, instead of installing some expensive in-house phone system, we've been doing it on the cheap by relying on an outside provider. It all makes economic sense since companies like Gorilla Conferencing already of the infrastructure in place so we don't have to invest in installation, upkeep and technical support.

Audio conferencing costs as low as 2.5 cents per minute. Gorilla Conferencing offers all the bells and whistles including a dedicated dial-in number, roll call feature, security codes and subconferencing. The web and video options provide face to face calling which is a must for presentations and business proposals. You can share documents, spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations and even an interactive white board. Best of all, this can done directly from your office which keeps things within budget.